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The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy and Jane Ray


Jub has the important job of ensuring all the Happy Endings of stories are in the right part of the forest when
bedtime arrives. She scatters the golden words into the air from a sack. Then one night as Jub traverses the forest,
a scary woman snatches the sack from her. How will Jub restore the Happy Endings to their rightful place?


Overall aims of this teaching sequence.
? To explore, interpret and respond to a picture book
? To consider the ways in which illustrations can deepen and enrich the meaning of a text and enhance the
reader experience.
? To develop creative responses to the text through drama, storytelling and artwork
? To write in role in order to explore and develop empathy for characters
? To develop reader response by exploring interpretations of themes, plots and characters’ actions and
motivations through discussion and debate


Here is a link to the story!



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