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Strong maths skills are the gateway to a wide range of careers and life experiences, and this is likely to become even more the case as digital, technical and scientific progress continues in the years to come. Children need not only good basic arithmetic skills, but the ability to manipulate numbers fluenty and use reasoning and problem solving in their maths.

Research shows that parent's involvement with children in completing their maths homework does not improve their mathematical abilities and may actually make them worse! However, there are some ways that parents can help their children their maths:

Make sure children have the time and space to complete their homework;

Check which time tables your child is focusing on and practise with them (see Hit the button, free online maths games).

Most importantly, look out for opportunities in the real world for your child to practise maths, e.g. shopping, cooking, recognising shapes and patterns, etc.

Maths this term

Autumn term 1. The aim will be to cover:

  • Review of column addition.
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Numbers to 10,000


Contact the School

Netherthorpe Primary school

Netherthorpe Street
Sheffield, S3 7JA

Main Contact: Elizabeth Gray - Head Teacher

Tel: 0114 272 6834

SEN Contact: Ruth Kay & Clare Wilson

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